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 Prevents Catastrophic Business Losses

 Protects National Security



It's brought a 300% surge in internet blackouts in just the past decade.


Left unchecked, the trend will devastate healthcare, impact national security and cause billions in business disruption. 

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We deliver internet service that sets a new standard for climate resilience, protecting the most vital data at corporate and government facilities. 

The service is *Certified CRi* according to new specifications for extreme weather, and it's billed monthly by the gigabit. 

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What's the Problem?

Much of our internet infrastructure was built in the 1990's, and despite an endless array of wireless devices, the core of the internet consists of fiber optic cable. It's how all our data reaches the internet, either underground or across telephone poles ("40-foot high wooden sticks").


None of our internet infrastructure was put in with climate change in mind. Moreover, the utility grid suffers the same weather factors, which brought a staggering, three-fold increase in outages in just the past decade. 

How Do We Solve It?

Our solution involves a small reallocation of your bandwidth from ground-based fiber to a specially certified, all-wireless complement that's *always* active. It's hurricane rated, HIPAA certified and supports gigabits of data from an inconspicuous antenna on your rooftop to a CRi approved data center. It bypasses all public infrastructure and runs indefinitely on backup power. 


Forget disaster recovery. You're looking at Best Practices for internet infrastructure on the front lines of climate change.

If Your Internet is Critical, Make it Climate Resilient

A Total Internet Outage Used to be a Catastrophe.

Now it's More of a Choice.

The consequences of wide scale internet outages are colossal—costing lives and billions in business disruption—and it may be the greatest irony of the Information Age, that the first thing we lose in a natural disaster is information itself. 

We're raising awareness to the impact of climate change on the internet, and advancing new Best Practices as a matter of public policy, national security and corporate responsibility. In this, we're joined by the industry's best internet service providers—each with exceptional customer ratings—and together we're uniquely delivering on this promise: "So long as your building is standing, you're getting internet." 

"Fiber optics—no matter how redundant or diverse—is a single point of failure for extreme weather."

CRi Partners are Ready to Help!

We're focused on the most vulnerable regions first, partnering with local, qualified ISPs, selected for proven experience and exceptional customer ratings.

Presently, we're in Boston, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, South Carolina, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. Our Partner network is ever expanding—internationally as well—so wherever you are, submit this form and we'll try to help.

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