The First Internet Service, Certified for

the Extremes of Climate Change

Improves Public Health & Safety + Prevents Catastrophic Business Losses + Protects National Security



It's brought a 300% surge in internet blackouts in just the past decade.


Left unchecked, the trend will devastate healthcare, impact national security and cause billions in business disruption. 

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What's the Problem ?

Much of our internet infrastructure was built in the 1990s, before anyone was thinking of climate change. And while it seems that we live in a wireless world, ultimately all our data gets to the internet by physical cable (fiber), run underground and across wooden poles. That infrastructure, like the utility grid, is increasingly vulnerable to weather. 


Our point isn't that you should scrap fiber, but that it needs a more resilient complement. Think of it as lifeboats for the internet. [Read our white paper.]

How Do We Solve It ?

We take a small percentage of your fiber bandwidth and send it across a certified resilient channel that's *always* active and runs indefinitely on backup power. It's hurricane rated, HIPAA certified and supports gigabits of data from an inconspicuous antenna on your roof to a CRi data center. 


Forget outdated disaster recovery modes. This is new best practices for telecom in the Climate Age. [Read our white paper.]


We provide internet access like "data lifeboats," to protect mission critical data from the extremes of climate change.

The service is called *Certified CRi*. It's delivered by local, qualified providers and billed monthly by the gigabit. 

If you're wanting more than marketing fluff, you're our kind of person! At our Knowledge Center you'll find a collection of white papers, guest articles and our signature video presentation. 


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"Fiber optics—no matter how redundant or diverse—is a single point of failure for extreme weather."

A Total Internet Outage Used to be a Catastrophe.

Now it's More Like a Choice.

The consequences of wide scale internet outages are colossal—costing lives and billions in business disruption—and it may be the greatest irony of the Information Age, that the first thing we lose in a natural disaster is information itself. 

We're raising awareness to the impact of climate change on the internet, and advancing new Best Practices as a matter of public policy, national security and corporate responsibility. We're joined by the industry's best internet service providers—each with exceptional customer ratings—and together we're uniquely delivering on this promise: "So long as your building is standing, you're getting internet." 

[Read our white paper.]

If Your Internet is Critical, Make it Climate Resilient

Certified* Climate Resilient, Means Never Losing Critical Data

Certified CRi is a new telecom standard that we're advancing, based on a four-tier specification for resilience to climate change. It certifies hardware, installation practices and maintenance programs to protect customers as well as providers.  

When it's Certified CRi, the biggest question is how much bandwidth you need. Whether the solution works is more than a matter of faith. Our best practices are based on a collaboration of the greatest thinkers and most experienced professionals in telecom and energy.


Climate resilience is more than a promise, it's our passion.

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