Where the Digital Age Meets Climate Change


It's brought a 300% increase in internet blackouts in just the past decade. Imagine what next decade will bring.

Cloud computing heightens our data dependence even as climate change threatens to sever it. Meanwhile, internet data centers are some of the most resilient places on earth, but what good is that if you can't reach them? 



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If you're responsible for public safety, business fortunes or national security, reach out.

Let's keep the internet from going down on your watch. 

Extreme weather is killing our internet infrastructure, causing an alarming rise in critical outages. The mounting toll is staggering and it's only getting worse. 


We're calling attention to the problem, because critical business and government operations fail without access to data, crippling hospitals, business, transportation, even national security. And so we're protecting that access, literally, "come hell or high water".


It's time we think beyond power generators and microgrids, because it takes more than energy to get to resilience. It takes data as well. 

Sometimes innovation takes a page from the past and here we're modeling all-wireless, hardened telecom infrastructure designed by AT&T in the 1950s. It carried all our long distance phone, news and military data until the 1980s and was so critical it was designed to withstand even a nuclear detonation. 


Ours is a scaled down version, following new hardware and installation guidance, Certified by WISPA, a national telecom association representing thousands of internet service providers. Think of it as lifeboats for critical business and government data, where failure isn't an option. 


We're raising awareness to the vulnerability of internet infrastructure to climate change, promoting resilience as the path forward.


We're advancing a new certification for climate resilient internet—Certified CRi—to protect society's most critical data access.

We're conducting pilot projects ahead of Certification (12/31). 


Want more than marketing fluff? You're our kind of person! At our Knowledge Center you'll find a comprehensive collection of white papers, guest articles and our signature video presentation. 


Enjoy and email us with any thoughts and questions. 

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Help advance our initiative and gain world-class recognition by becoming an early adopter ahead of the release of Phase One Certification, slated for Dec. 31, 2021. Pilot Projects are selected based on industry sector and where critical infrastructure is most vulnerable.


For more on our Pilot Project Program, email David, our CTO.       

"Fiber optics—no matter how redundant or diverse—is a single point of failure for extreme weather."

Nothing is Resilient if Our Internet Infrastructure is Vulnerable

In the Digital Age even our blenders are on Wi-Fi, yet when we really need to communicate— like in the wake of a natural disaster—we lose *everything*: phones, internet and cloud data.


We're out to change that and we're doing it in two ways:

1. Raising awareness to the vulnerability of our internet infrastructure, and;

2. Collaborating with WISPA toward an industry certification for internet resilience.

The certification, "Certified CRi", is the product of an open source initiative tapping the greatest minds in the telecom industry. Participation is open to all.

If Your Internet is Critical, Make it Climate Resilient


Certified Resilient Internet, Means Never Losing Critical Data

Certified CRi is based on a 4-tier specification for resilience to climate change. It certifies hardware, installation and maintenance practices to protect consumers as well as providers.  

When it's Certified CRi, the biggest question is how much bandwidth you need. Efficacy is more than a matter of faith. It's what you get when you hone the greatest resources in telecom and energy toward a common purpose.


Climate resilience is more than a promise, it's our single-minded passion.

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