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David Theodore's Bio

David graduated Boston College in 1983 and four years later, innovated wireless broadband for the emerging internet. Today, it's called "fixed wireless," the basis for home internet delivered by WISPs and major carriers. 


David's startup, Microwave Bypass Systems, was one of the earliest tech firms at One Kendall Square. In 1987, it launched the "Etherwave LAN Radio," the first wireless solution to meet Ethernet and IP specifications (802.3). The Etherwave provided full-speed, 10 Mbps access, connecting the first three dot com addresses on the internet: Symbolics, BB&N and Thinking Machines. [See the full-page ad in Data Communications.] 


In its time, Microwave Bypass innovated tele-radiology and distance learning, built the backbone of Boston and Cambridge's early regional internet, connected world leaders in education, healthcare and technology, furnished Interop's first show access ('89), delivered the world's first wireless home internet (for IT legend, Bill Joy), collaborated with Cisco Systems and licensed its technologies to Motorola, including the LAN-LINK 1000, an advanced Ethernet bridge. For more, check out this digital scrapbook

History of Fixed Wireless by David Theodore
"Microwave Bypass is, in Aberdeen's estimation, the unchallenged leader
in the Ethernet microwave LAN market with a 75-80% market share."

Microwave Bypass was widely covered in printed tech journals, though little has been digitized for the internet. Among its PR highlights, LAN Times named it one of the top 10 emerging tech firms in the 1990’s, and Aberdeen Group wrote a glowing report, putting the company’s market share at 75-80%.


After Microwave Bypass, David advanced low latency applications, designing one of the world’s fastest data corridors for high frequency trading between the CME and the NYSE. Thereafter, as Theodore Wireless, he wrote about the emerging WISP industry and 5G, and advised fixed wireless providers, vendors and investors.


Today, as a climate activist and co-founder of Climate Resilient Internet, David is advancing new best practices to adapt the internet to climate change. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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