About Us

We're wireless innovators and climate activists, leading a discussion with business and policy leaders about the looming confluence of critical data and extreme weather. Some are resigned to wide scale internet failures as an Acts of God. Others doubt that there's a practical solution.


We think differently, understanding that for some enterprises, the internet has become too critical to fail. And, after 100+ years of electronic invention, we can—and must—do better. 


Internet resilience is an existential matter to industry and government. We're sharing our vision of it with the world [read our white paper], and providing the world's first "CRi Certified" climate resilient internet service.

Our Mission

CRi is the only provider whose Mission is to protect internet infrastructure from the extremes of climate change. To that end, we're committed to: 


  1. Raise awareness about internet vulnerability. 

  2. Provide "CRi Certified" internet resilience, according to new specs for climate change.

  3. Continually hone Best Practices for telecommunications in the Age of Climate.

We support sustainable, green energy and incentivize its deployment in CRi installations. If you're planning a microgrid, talk to us.


Steven P. Kelly

Co-founder & CEO


Steven is a dynamic entrepreneur who's built commercial construction and telecom businesses into regional powerhouses in the Northeast.


Timberline Construction, is a premier commercial construction firm, noted by Boston Business Journal as one of the region's fastest growing private construction firms. 


Timberline Communications is a wireless contractor, building cell towers and supporting major carriers through every natural disaster since 1992, including two terrorist attacks. 

David S. Theodore

Co-founder & CTO


David is a creative with a penchant for innovation that brought the world's first wireless internet solution.  It started the fixed wireless industry, formed New England's early regional internet (in partnership with MIT, Harvard and BU), and led to a myriad of new applications from telemedicine and distance learning to high frequency trading. 


David is active in Boston climate circles and a thought leader in the wireless industry. 

For more, visit David's bio and connect with him on LinkedIn