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The New Value Proposition for WISPs & ISPs

Resilience is a New Value Proposition for WISPs & ISPs

Resilience is a growing mandate for business and government and an exciting opportunity for internet providers. To meet it, we developed a new industry Standard & Certification for internet and energy resilience. The result is a new service you can offer to protect critical business and government operations. 


Why a Certified service? 


It's simple. If you want to stay in business you need to get away from selling just generic bandwidth. And along with protecting your profits, Certification protects customers and prevents substandard operators from ruining the opportunity for the rest of us. 

Certified CRi is is all about criticality and quality, never lowest price. It's a premier service that knows its value and gives you the best return on your investment in training, tools and personnel. 

As a CRi Partner, you can expect:

  1. Highest profits, never eroded by competitive price pressure.

  2. Highest volume, sold by the gigabit.  

  3. Lowest support calls. (We're a layer 2 service.)
  4. Highest customer retention. 

  5. Leads and marketing insights found nowhere else.

  6. Heightened relevance with business and government buyers.    

Residential service will always be about price, but we're about criticality from business continuity to lifeline services. That's worth paying for and arguably it's not an option, because there is no business continuity without access to data.


Can you think of a single sizable business or essential public service that doesn't need internet and cloud access? 

How do we work together? 

We work off a revenue split. Here's the deal, in short:

We help it rain enterprise and government business, also collaborating with your social media. We Certify you and your installations, process payment lightning fast and have your back at all times. 

Why not do this on your own? 

As a Certified CRi Partner, your opportunities and profitability will far surpass what you'd see marketing plain old, wireless backup. We know, because we've been there. This isn't about competition so much as increasing the playing field for our entire industry.

To get started, email us or complete our WISP Inquiry form.

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