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Extreme Weather

It's brought a 300% surge in internet blackouts in just the past decade.


Left unchecked, the trend will devastate healthcare, cause billions in business disruption and weaken our national security. 

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Here's the Problem

We're at a dangerous crossroad where the growing criticality of data confronts the challenge of climate change. Internet outages are on the rise—often lasting days and weeks—and no place is immune.


The problem, is that even when we're on a Wi-Fi or cellular network, all our data ultimately reaches the internet by physical cable (fiber). Fiber runs under-ground and along wooden poles, all of which is fodder for extreme weather. Moreover, it relies on an aging electric grid, which brings its own problems. 


Protecting internet and cloud access is a matter of existential concern for society's critical infrastructure. That's because *everything* depends on data, from business to healthcare, energy, transportation; even national security. 


Climate change calls us to new best practices, moving from outdated modes of disaster recovery, toward a more resilient future. 

How We Solve It

Sometimes innovation takes a page from the past and here we're modeling an all-wireless telecom backbone designed by AT&T in the 1950s. It carried our nation's long distance telephone, news and sensitive military data until the 1980s, was built for the most extreme weather and designed to withstand even a nuclear detonation. 


Ours is a scaled down version, customized for each installation according to new hardware and install standards. Think of it it data lifeboats, self-powered and capable of delivering tens of gigabits of data from roof tops of critical corporate and government facilities to a secure, resilient internet data center.


But don't call it "backup", because Certified CRi forms part of a new, more resilient telecom fabric, always active and passing data. It's hurricane rated, HIPAA certified and affordable as a monthly service. 


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We provide resilient internet access like "data lifeboats," to protect mission critical data from the extremes of climate change.

The service is *Certified CRi*, billed monthly and delivered by local, specially trained and certified providers.  

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Want more than marketing fluff? You're our kind of person! At our Knowledge Center you'll find a comprehensive collection of white papers, guest articles and our signature video presentation. 


Enjoy and email us with any thoughts and questions. 

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Help advance our initiative and gain world-class recognition by becoming an early adopter ahead of the release of Phase One Certification, slated for Dec. 31, 2021. Pilot Projects are selected based on industry sector and where critical infrastructure is most vulnerable.


For more on our Pilot Project Program, email David, our CTO.       

"Fiber optics—no matter how redundant or diverse—is a single point of failure for extreme weather."

A Total Internet Outage Used to be a Catastrophe.

Now it's More Like a Choice.

The consequences of wide scale internet outages are colossal—costing lives and billions in business disruption—and it may be the greatest irony of the Information Age, that the first thing we lose in a natural disaster is information itself. 

We're raising awareness to the impact of climate change on the internet, and advancing new Best Practices as a matter of public policy, national security and corporate responsibility. We're joined by the industry's best internet service providers—each with exceptional customer ratings—and together we're uniquely delivering on this promise: "So long as your building is standing, you're getting internet." 

[Read our white paper.]

If Your Internet is Critical, Make it Climate Resilient


Certified Resilient Internet, Means Never Losing Critical Data

Certified CRi is a new telecom standard that we're advancing, based on a four-tier specification for resilience to climate change. It certifies hardware, installation practices and maintenance programs to protect customers as well as providers.  

When it's Certified CRi, the biggest question is how much bandwidth you need. Whether the solution works is more than a matter of faith. Our best practices are based on a collaboration of the greatest thinkers and most experienced professionals in telecom and energy.


Climate resilience is more than a promise, it's our passion.

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