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CRi Providers on the Front Lines of Climate Change

CRi is provided by specially certified, local ISPs and WISPs (wireless internet service providers), noted for exceptional experience, high customer ratings and commitment to best practices. Installation is typically 2-3 days with a 90-day turnaround, largely for data center coordination. 

CRi Certification is the result of a uniquely collaborative effort, leveraging the talents of industry leaders in every field from RF engineering and backup power to structural design and wind loading. Latest knowledge is transmitted real-time, adding to our ever evolving 4-tier spec and certification. 


We have one mission; to save the internet from climate change. Learn how we're doing it and meet our newest partners.

Finding a Local Provider

Presently, we're in Boston, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, South Carolina, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. 


Our Partner network is ever expanding—internationally as well—so wherever you are, submit this form and we'll find a provider to help.

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Certified* Climate Resilient, Means Never Losing Critical Data

Certified CRi is a new telecom standard that we're advancing, based on a four-tier specification for resilience to climate change. It certifies hardware, installation practices and maintenance programs to protect customers as well as providers.  

When it's Certified CRi, the biggest question is how much bandwidth you need. Whether the solution works is more than a matter of faith. Our best practices are based on a collaboration of the greatest thinkers and most experienced professionals in telecom and energy.
Climate resilience is more than a promise, it's our passion.

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