Climate resilience is a growing mandate for business and government and an epic opportunity for providers. To meet that opportunity, we're collaborating with WISPA to advance a new certification known as *Certified CRi*. It's a premier service that knows its value and respects your investment in training, tools and personnel. 


Certified CRi Providers enjoy: 

  1. Heightened relevance with business and government accounts.

  2. Maximized profitability. 

  3. Competitive leverage in formal RFPs. 

  4. Limitless customer retention.  

  5. Fewer service headaches. 

  6. Empowerment to protect your community's most critical infrastructure, communications and supply lines. 


How does it work? 

We work off a revenue split that's the same for all providers. Here's the deal, in short:

We help it rain enterprise and government business, sometimes collaborating with your social media. You become certified to conduct installation and support, we process payment lightning fast and have your back at all times. 


Why not just do this on your own? 

It's simple. Your profitability as a Certified CRi provider, will far surpass what you'd see from plain old wireless backup. Not to mention, Certified CRi benefits our entire industry.

To start, email us or complete our short WISP Inquiry form >

"Fiber optics—no matter how redundant or diverse—is a single point of failure for extreme weather."


  1. Become Certified through WISPA.

  2. Add a Certified CRi designation to your website.

  3. Support our social media efforts to raise public awareness. 

  4. Uphold Certification standards, keeping current with evolving Best Practices. 

  5. Participate in a monthly CRi Providers call. 

  6. Accept our assistance, free of charge, and give us speedy access to help resolve technical problems and uphold the highest Certification standards.