Climate resilience may be the greatest opportunity for fixed wireless, ever. We see it as thought leaders, wireless innovators and climate activists, and we're raising the public's awareness to growing internet vulnerability and new best practices for resilience. 


It's a massive opportunity—taking fixed wireless from an option to a mandate—and we're inviting all good WISPs to partner with us as service providers in their regions.  

As a CRi Partner, you can expect: 

  1. More and larger enterprise accounts.

  2. Uniquely relevant, brand-building PR

  3. Resources for hosting or participating in your own climate resilience forums and events. 

  4. Membership in an ecosystem of premier WISPs, ever refining Best Practices for climate resilience. 

  5. The opportunity to protect your community's most vital infrastructure, communications and supply lines. 

"Climate readiness" is a new mandate for corporate and government
sectors, impacting investment decisions and bond ratings.


  1. Join our monthly social media blast. 

  2. Add a landing page to your website and designate two contacts for CRi inquiries. 

  3. Seek CRi opportunities in your market, apart from leads that we generate. 

  4. Adhere to CRi Certified specs for installation and support. 

  5. Participate in a monthly, one-hour Zoom call. 

CRi Certified respects quality and rises above destructive price competition. 


We work off a 75/25 split with you getting 75% of recurring monthly revenue. You're responsible for the installation, we invoice the customer, process payment and handle incoming service calls.


So, why not just do this on your own? The answer is simple. Your 75% share will net you more than the 100% you'd get from generic wireless backup that lacks our passion, specialization and layers of support. 


  1. You're getting great marketing.

  2. We're helping with admin and customer support.

  3. You can sell services (e.g., streaming) above climate resiliency (CRi) and keep 100% of those proceeds.

  4. You get to join the battle against climate change and even impress your kids ;-)  

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